COVID-19 Coronavirus

The Nottingham Sailing Club Response to COVID-19

6th January 2021 Update

Covid-19, lockdown and sailing update
Members should note that the Club is now closed until further notice.
Consequently, you should not access the dinghy park or clubhouse except in exceptional circumstances (e.g. if you are removing a boat).
Note that as with the 2020 full lockdown I or other members of the management committee will undertake weekly security inspections to ensure everything is in order. There will also be contractors at the Club on various occasions through January and February and me or Michael Brookman will be at the Club to deal with this. If on any of these occasions we spot any issues with anyone’s boat we will get in contact with you.
I can’t think of anything much of a positive nature to say in the circumstances, except, of course, that older members of our Club should be fortunate enough to be vaccinated over the coming months, though our PM’s belief that this will all be done by mid February is about as likely as me wining every race I sail in when we do finally get to sail later this year (i.e. zero).
Best wishes as always and stay safe.
Ivan Horrocks
NSC Cov-19 Officer and Vice Commodore elect.