COVID-19 Coronavirus

The Nottingham Sailing Club Response to COVID-19

October Update – GH RACING – races on Saturdays & Sundays (note updates)

Don’t forget to Log-in & Log-out and/or use the NHS app and QR code (required for Track & Trace) – book in clubhouse entrance

NOTE – New procedures for GH racing have been uploaded (see below) but please check at the Club as well.

Please see the racing calendar here for race times and details

Note that Start Box duties are now being arranged on a month by month basis – the latest details are here

Below are links to documents (pdf files) with the details of procedures to be followed for the foreseeable future to allow racing to take place.

Procedures for the Start Box  – here  (updated version for GH racing at the Club)

Procedures for Safety Boat (updated) launching and recovery – here

Procedures for GH racinghere

Procedures for Pursuit Raceshere

Procedures for Helms in Pursuit Raceshere

New procedures for helms in GH racing (updated) – here

NOTE – the general procedures outlined below still apply where appropriate.

Procedures to follow in the boat-park, taking a boat out
sailing and recovery.
– 8th October 2020

UPDATE: You are now required by law to ‘check-in’ using the NHS app and the QR code and/or to sign in and sign out when attending the Club for any reason (book and QR codes in the clubhouse entrance)

You must keep ‘social distancing’ (2m apart) at all times inside and outside the boat-park.

BY LAW now – You must not gather in groups of more than 6. So take care on the bank and avoid accidentally gathering together in a group of more than6.

This rule applies in all areas and should be strictly observed when rigging/derigging your boat (be aware of members of the public crossing in front of the boat park).
Avoid rigging and de-rigging your boat on the footpath, so there is minimal possible interaction with members of the public.

If you wish to sail, then the following is advised:

  • Be conservative – stay within the limits of your ability – think twice at least before sailing.
  • Factors to consider when deciding to go afloat include: weather forecast, temperature, wind speed, direction and especially – your own competence.
  • Use righting lines, long painters and mast head floats. Long painters (around 5m) will help if rescue is needed.
  • All sailors are strongly recommended to carry a paddle to help themselves out if in difficulty – particularly in light winds – remember there is no safety boat to tow you back!
  • Restrict your sailing area activities to make it easier for any rescue.
  • If you sail out of sight of the Club then please sail with a ‘buddy’.
  • You should have a plan, and let someone know what you are doing before sailing.
  • If sailing alone someone should be onshore who knows where you are.
  • Sailors should maintain social distancing afloat and during launch/recovery.


Safety boat cover will be only be provided for races.

For ‘casual sailing’ remember manning the safety boat and recovery of anyone in the water should only occur if there is a risk to life – so consider if that risk is higher than the risk of infection as a result of the launch, recovery and use of the safety boat.

It is your responsibility to sail safely and avoid any circumstance where the safety boat might be required.


If you are carrying out maintenance of your boat and berth within the boat-park – remember to clean any Club equipment (e.g. lawn mower, and only use the ‘start box’ mower) before and after usage to avoid any chance of infection.