National 12

Fleet Captain: Susan Jones N3263

Crew: 2
Length: 3.66m
Width (beam): 1.98m
Weight: 70kg
Sail Area: 10.4 sqm
Spinnaker: No
RYA PY: 1064

The National 12 is a two person, two sail racing dinghy. With a main & jib area of around 10.4 sq metres and a light hull, 78Kg including mast and centre-board, there is ample power to drive the fast and responsive hull. The 12 is a development class so hulls and rigs can be changed or modified within the class rules. The different hulls allow helm-crew combinations between 16 & 23 stone to be competitive. You are free to fit your boats out as you please so you can customise your twelve to your requirements.