Duties during COVID

The normal duty system and previously assigned duties have been replaced during the COVID-19 and duties are assigned to volunteers who are able to act as OOD, with assistants able to man the sfaety boat and remain within safe guidelines.

See the douments here for more information about start box and safety boat procedures under COVID-19 restrictions.

Here are the duties assigned for August (as of 21st July):

Sundays               OOD                 Assistant             Assistant

2-Aug-20              Jess Hadrill          Jenny Chuen      Dana Church

9-Aug-20              Kevin Baker        Ian White              Sarah White

16-Aug-20           Josh Pietras        Alison Towner       Carl Towner

23-Aug-20           Paul Markwick   Richard Hammond    Charlie Hammond

29-Aug-20          Chris Hollis         Lorraine Buckberry  Graham Buckberry       Robin Hood GH

30-Aug-20           Jeremy Wallace Jenny Cheun         Dana Church

Thursdays           OOD                Assistant             Assistant

6-Aug-20              Steve Bailey        Tom Fletcher     Sadie Fletcher

13-Aug-20           Graham Young     Nick Baber       Hannah Baber

20-Aug-20           Paul Markwick   Lorraine Buckberry    Graham Buckberry

27-Aug-20           Roger Chilvers    Shad Jawad       Victor Jawad