RYA Level 1

We are now holding three Introduction to Sailing Courses in 2021 over the weekends in:

June 12/13, June 22/23 and  July 3/4

giving, weather-permitting, two full days sailing (approx. 0900 to 1730).

Dates will be contingent on no changes in COVID restrictions (as of April 2021).

The course fee is £150 (Members £125) and includes lunch, tea and coffee both days.

There is a maximum of 12 (8 on the June 22/23 course) students per course, so if you are interested please check availability by sending an email to trainingbookings@nottinghamsailing.club.


These courses are open to Members and non-Members. The majority of the weekend is spent on the water, and by the end you should be able to helm a boat. The Course runs alongside normal Club activities, providing an insight into racing and the Club as a whole. Book early as places are limited.


No previous experience is needed, the courses being designed for absolute beginners. The Club will provide your Instructor, boat, personal buoyancy aid, lunch and refreshments, although you may use your own boat and/or buoyancy aid by arrangement. You should not book for the course unless you are physically fit for this sport.


The cost for the weekend is £150 (Members £125). Those who are not already Members will be elected to Temporary Membership of the Club for the duration of the course and the month following the Course; this allows the same use of the Club and its facilities as all other Members, but the Club will not be organising any further formal Instruction after the Sunday. Course Members will also benefit from a reduced Joining Fee should they join the Club in the ensuing few months. Courses will be restricted to a maximum of 12 places, which will be allocated in order of receipt of Application Forms accompanied by payment in full.



Please check availability by emailing trainingbookings@nottinghamsailing.club. A booking form will then be sent out to you.


SATURDAY ( or Tuesday 22nd)

09:00 Welcome to the Club – Introduction to the Course – Safety – Centerboards
09:30 Get Afloat (Boats rigged by Instructors) – Introduction to the river – Demonstration sail – Basic HOVE-TO position – Basic boat control
10:15 TEA / COFFEE
Land drill for GOING ABOUT – with extension tiller
10:45 Work afloat – REACHING and GOING ABOUT
12:30 LUNCH
Explanation of the FIVE ESSENTIALS – explanation of CAPSIZE DRILL
13:45 Work afloat – Sailing to windward, hopefully a long cruise – Landing and sailing away
Tea / coffee available 15:00 to 16:00
Club Race starts 15:00
16:30 Capsize Demonstration – Capsize practice, strictly for VOLUNTEERS only
17:30 Approx. – Close for the day and pack all boats away

SUNDAY (or Wednesday 23rd)

09:00 Types of boats and rigging – Enterprise, GP, Laser, Lark, Comet, Solo. Students learn to rig boats from scratch
09:45 Work afloat – Revise all you learnt yesterday – Sailing downwind – Handling the GYBE – Focus attention on the FIVE ESSENTIALS
10:45 TEA / COFFEE
Man overboard routine – Description and demonstration
Club Race starts 11:00
11:15 Further work afloat to suit the needs of each individual course member – Effective crewing in two person boats – Single-handed sailing
13:00 LUNCH
Commodore’s comments – Membership of the Club, or what next – Premature farewell
Club Race starts 13:30
14:00 Get afloat – Further practice of all skills
Tea / coffee available when required
Club Race starts 15:15
17:00 End of course – Pack all equipment

Limitation of Club Liability

Members of the Club, their guests or visitors may use the Club premises, and any other facilities of the Club, entirely at their own risk and impliedly accept that:

(a) The Club will not accept any liability for any damage to or loss of property belonging to Members, their guests or visitors to the Club.

(b) The Club will not accept any liability for personal injury arising out of the use of the Club premises and any other facilities of the Club either sustained by Members, their guests or visitors or caused by the said Members, guests or visitors whether or not such damage or injury could have been attributed to or was occasioned by the neglect, default or negligence of any of them the Officers, Committee or servants of the Club.