Thursday 14th April

The much-anticipated Thursday evening series started on the 14th of April. For a week the weather forecast had varied from Force 3 easterly to variable and light. In the end we had a most beautiful evening unless you intended to sail as we were met with a Force 0, gusting 0.5 south-westerly wind. However, a large fleet was keen to race and the Race Officer, Nigel Nurse, set a course and was even contemplating breaking out the ribbons as 15+ boats were lined up on the bank. In the end 12 boats (2 Albacores, 2 Larks, 4 Lasers, 2 Comets and a Vareo and Aero) took to the start line ready for a beat upstream.

At the start, most of the fleet led by local conditions guru, Graham Young, started on the Colwick bank; whilst Mike Pritchard and Graham Hasnip opted for the clubhouse side; in his enthusiasm Graham was over the line at the start and then struggled to get back racing. Very slow progress was made and after 5 minutes less than half the fleet had crossed the line, but Graham and Roger Poat were making good progress on the Colwick bank. Mike on the southern bank kept pace. It was soon clear that his option was the right one as he could sail close hauled upstream within a few metres of the bank. He soon built a large lead and after 15 minutes was able to reach to the windward mark and round it quite easily. By this time only Graham and Roger were racing and they were less than halfway to the first mark; rest of the fleet decided there were better things to do, although rescue crew of Shad Jawad and Nick Baber were busy towing boats ashore.

Making good progress downwind Mike was pleased to see a blue and white flag on the club flagpole – aah shortened course! Alas the flag was accompanied by three sound signals and had rather more blue and white squares than usual – race abandoned.

Everyone then gathered in the clubhouse for the Fitting Out Supper organised by Stephanie Abbott. Fish and chips and cheesecake were enjoyed along with a busy bar. The interesting quiz was closely fought with Team Poat eventually winning with 11 out of 15 questions correct.

Thursday racing now continues to the end of August and the evening meals are back with a newly rounded price of £4. Remember to let Chris know if you are attending the Trent Tripartite at Attenborough.

Thanks to the race team and Stephanie for organising the meal and to XXX for being on the bar.