RYA Level 2

Our next RYA Level 2 Course will run on Monday evenings from July 1st to August 19th 2024.

Building on Level 1, this course adds more rigour and theory to the basic principles already learned with the aim of teaching you to sail independently with confidence.

Please note this course is open to Club Members only; The course fee is £60. Not a Club Member yet? Please click Here.

For further information and to check availability please contact: trainingbookings@nottinghamsailing.club.

Course Syllabus

By the end of the course, the successful sailor will be safety conscious, have a basic knowledge of sailing and be capable of sailing a dinghy without an instructor on board in light winds.

RiggingRigging a dinghy according to weather conditions. Reefing ashore.
RopeworkBowline, Clove Hitch, Reef Knot
Launching/ recoveryStorage of dinghies ashore. Launching and recovery. Paddling/rowing. Coming alongside and making fast.
Sailing techniques/ maneuversThe five essentials – sail setting, balance, trim, centreboard and course made good. Leaving/returning to beach, jetty or mooring. Coming alongside a moored boat. Basic rules of the road. Awareness of lee shore dangers. Sailing in close company with others. Man overboard recovery.
Capsize recoveryPractical experience of one method. Knowledge of one other procedure.
RacingThe course. Starting procedure.
Sailing theoryPoints of sailing. No go zone. Basic aerodynamic theory. Sea sailing. Inland sailing. Local byelaws, permits. Overhead power lines. First aid and resuscitation.
MeteorologySources of information. Weather and shipping forecasts. When to reef.
Clothing/ equipmentPersonal safety – clothing and buoyancy. Boat buoyancy and basic equipment. Safety equipment. Action to help those in distress.